Write For Us

Inspecus is accepting guest posts in the subject area of:

Home inspection, purchasing property, maintaining a property, renovation, and property upgrades.

Benefits of Writing For Us

By writing for us you are growing your audience, displaying your expertise, and showcasing your articles to potential clients.

Also, yes we do link to your website as long as it meets our standards. Ask us for more details.

Guest Post Article Requirements

There are  a few requirements to have your article published to Inspecus and they are:

  • The tone of the article needs to be friendly and informative
  • Word count needs to be at a minimum 650 words. However, preference is given to longer articles. Our recommendation is to have between 900 and 1700 words.
  • Content needs to be unique or else it will be turned down.
  • The language that the content is written in has to be English.
  • No excessive promotions links or tone in the content.

Guest Post Article Suggestions

We also recommend that you follow these suggestions to help you get published on our website:

  • Add pictures to your content.
  • Make sure all the spelling and grammar is correct.
  • Have the article already written in an SEO Optimized way.
  • And of course, long content.

These things will take you a long way in getting published.

Submitting your Guest Post

Send us your list of topics, if you don’t have one we can supply you with some ideas.

  • We will let you know which topics interest us or suggest one for you.
  • You write up your article and send it over to us. We’ll review it and check for uniqueness, writing style, content value, & SEO friendliness (we’ll do some tweaks to make any improvements).
  • After our review, if we like the article it will be posted on our website.
  • Articles that qualify are posted on a first come first serve basis.
  • We will notify all submissions about the status of their article.

Submit your article to mark@markdoesseo.com

If you would like to do recurring submissions make sure to mention that in the email.