What Does a Carport Cost to Build?

If you own a home and you don’t have a traditional garage but you want a way to keep the rain, sun, and snow off your car, figuring out your carport cost is a good solution. A carport is an open structure that attaches to your home or is freestanding. They could be something as simple as a roof on poles, or you could get them with up to three walls attached with a concrete pad and a roof. They come in a huge range of sizes to help accommodate different numbers or vehicles, types, and sizes.

However, the more elaborate your carport will be, the higher your carport cost will go up to. Also, whether you want a freestanding structure or an attached one will influence your total carport cost because some are more labor-intensive than others. These are permanent structures that will shield your vehicle from inclement weather like hail or severe storms, and you can make them match your home or stand out.

Because of these different factors, your carport costs have a broad range to them. On average, you could easily spend between $2,000 and $10,000 for your total carport cost. Most people end up spending around $8,500 for a galvanized steel structure that measures 18-feet by 18-feet and has two walls. Permit prices, site preparation, size, whether you want to paint it, and whether you install a concrete slab will all factor into your final carport cost.

However, many people see this is an affordable way to protect your car from the elements, and it can also create a covered storage or work area right next to your home. If you’re wondering which factors influence your total carport cost the most, this is for you. We’re going to break down the biggest price factors, and you can use this quick guide to decide whether or not you can justify your carport cost and add one to your home.

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