Inspections of the Chimney

If you want to get the inspection of your chimney done, We, at Inspectus, are leaders in the industry, for Inspections of chimneys in Edmonton, AB.

What happens if your chimney is damaged? The answer is that a chimney does not only vent out the smoke from your home, it keeps you safe from toxic gases and protects your home from harmful chemicals and high temperatures. 

While building and installing the chimneys, heat resistant materials are used extensively, but with regular usage, a lot of wear and tear can take place,such as,

  •  tile liners can break and crack,
  •  metal liners can corrode with the passage of time, 
  • The brick and mortar used can also degenerate in quality. 

This can result in numerous health risks as well as deterioration of the building in question.

Chimney inspections can entail following-

  • Chimney cap inspection
  • Inspection for flashing
  • Repair the brick and mortar surrounding the chimney
  • Cleaning the flue of creosote and other unwanted substances such as soot and even other debris.
  • Removal of leftover ash in the area or around it
  • Proper inspection of the damper and check to ensure it opens and shut properly.
  • Installation of fresh batteries in smoke detectors to ensure proper working in case of any accident and so that any further damage can be curbed.

Proper and time to time inspection of chimneys is imminent to ensure removal of any risks and accidents.

Our professionals give their honest opinion after inspection with proper technology and equipment for the purpose of avoidance of any accidents.

WETT inspection in Edmonton stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer. Under the WETT inspection service offered by InspecUs, a certified WETT inspector thoroughly evaluates and examines all the wood-burning devices in your home.

But where does the need for WETT inspection arise from? People are now turning to wood-burning appliances as an alternate home heating source due to increased utility bills. The use of wood-burning appliances brings along danger with them if not cared for properly. The smoke from wood-burning devices contains hazardous substances that can cause pollution and negative health effects on the people inhaling it. 

This adverse effect can be avoided by getting a WETT inspection. A WETT specialist inspection can give you the peace of mind you need while living, purchasing, or selling a home. This can even be necessary for acquiring insurance due to the potential harm wood-burning technologies pose to the safety and health of persons in the home. 

So, if you are looking for an effective WETT inspection in Edmonton, Contact us at InspecUs today!

Our WETT Inspection Includes

If you select our WETT inspection service at InspecUs, you will experience a hassle-free inspection of the Wood Energy Technology Transfer devices in your home. Our team of certified and experienced WETT inspection specialists will look at several aspects of wood-burning devices.

Our WETT inspection Includes:

– an analysis of the flue and liner

– a thorough examination of the chimney

– a thorough examination of the firebox

– checking of the smoke chamber

– examining the damper, surface

– a thorough examination of the neighborhood

– inspection of the hearth or flooring near the appliance’s structure. 

A thorough inspection of these aspects by a competent and dedicated WETT inspector by InspecUs will help you keep your home safe for your loved ones. Furthermore, it will also give you peace of mind as a homeowner. It will ensure that your wood-burning appliance is fit for usage. 

Contact us today at InspecUs to get access to efficient and hassle-free WETT inspection in Edmonton. 

Why Choose Us For Fireplace Inspection In Edmonton, AB?

In addition to heating your home, a fire is a pleasant, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy your winter nights. However, did you realize that poor fireplace and chimney upkeep could lead to various problems? Some of these problems include chimney fires, chimney cap accidents, and the health risks of chimney birds.

How can you be sure that your fireplace is safe? You can ensure a safe and secure fireplace by having your fireplace inspected. A newer fireplace needs regular maintenance and inspection, but an older fireplace needs to be inspected more urgently. A fireplace inspection in Edmonton conducted by InspecUs will make you aware of any fireplace and chimney issues before it’s too late. 

For a hassle-free and reliable fireplace inspection in Edmonton, you should contact us at InspecUs. Our qualified and certified fireplace inspectors will look at your chimney and fireplace from the outside and the inside to look for any structural flaws, damage, obstructions, or chemical accumulation in your fireplace.

Contact us today at InspecUs to book an appointment! 


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