inspect a kitchen

Before you buy a home, you will carry out a comprehensive house inspecting process to identify any flaws or damages. For this purpose, you will inspect every room and corner of your new house. The kitchen is one such important room that you need to inspect thoroughly. In fact, it is one of the difficult places to identify any flaws. Make a note of these following things when you examine a kitchen.


Since the kitchen is one of the places which is always busy and occupied with all the cooking and baking stuff, you need to have proper ventilation. Therefore, check if the exhaust is functional. Turn on the switch and check if the exhaust is working properly. Also, check if the exhaust is making any noise. A noisy exhaust may indicate it is old or the parts are not attached firmly.


Run the water down your sink and see how long it takes the water to drain. A clogged kitchen sink drain is the last thing you want in your new house. This issue can be fixed by clearing the sink drain. You can try some DIY tips as well. Also, check if the water is dripping from the tap even after closing it tightly. If the water continues to drip, you can tighten it. If required call for professional plumbing services, which are available at Tom Moffett Plumbing (and similar companies) to check for any leakage or damage in the piping system.

Electrical Equipment

If you are planning on investing in a house that is fully furnished, you should inspect the electrical equipment in the kitchen. These equipment include oven, conventional cooker, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. Check these pieces of equipment for loose wiring, rusted parts, functionality, etc.

Countertops and Floorings

Check your kitchen countertops if they are broken or have any cracks. It is expensive to get new countertops so inspect them thoroughly. Also, check if the granite has been sealed properly and the lamination over the countertops is in good condition. They should be no stains or scratches.

Kitchen floorings are prone to damages eventually. So, inspect if the tiles are coming out or they have any cracks. Tiles that come out could be a sign of faulty installation process, or it could be a more serious issue underneath involving the pipes, in which case you would need to get info from Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling or a service more local to you. After this, you may need to replace the existing flooring which will be an expensive process. Although, if you intend to renovate the kitchen straight away with the help of someone like Next Level Construct, this may not be something that overly concerns you.

Apart from the things mentioned above, you need to take a look at your kitchen cabinets, furnace, etc. When you try to inspect your new home kitchen all by yourself, you may miss out on certain things. Additionally, wet areas in your kitchen may be difficult to identify without any instrument or device. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the help of a professional home inspector to carry out a comprehensive house inspection of your new kitchen.

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