Thermal Imaging in Edmonton, AB

Thermal Imaging – Home Leak Detection Made Easy

What’s thermal imaging home inspection?

It is a new inspection technology designed to detect problems that can’t be seen with the human eye. At Inspecus, we believe in using the most advanced technology to protect investors, buyers, and sellers. The team at Inspecus is certified by InterNACHI, and we are trained to use thermal imaging technology, also known as Infrared.

Thermal imaging (in combination with a moisture meter) is a relatively new method for detecting signs of moisture ingress in the wall of your home long before the issue becomes visible to the human eye. Undetected moisture behind your walls can rot the timber framework and cause structural integrity issues in a given area.

Using a local certified thermal imaging inspector to scan your home for signs of moisture could be the best investment you could make in your home. Not only is timber rot and decay a potential problem, but a moist, damp house is also an unhealthy home.

Ask yourself this… “Do I honestly know if there is moisture ingress in the insulation and/or wall cavity in my home that could be affecting my health?” If you answered “no,” then it may be in your best interest to type these words into your preferred search engine “thermal imaging leak detection” to find out more.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

With thermal imaging inspection, you can spot areas that are leaking air in your home. You can detect problems with home insulation, and plumbing system long before they appear on the surface. Not only doing that will save cost and time, but it also adds to the price of your house. With thermal imaging inspection, you can detect moisture, leaking spots, clogs in the plumbing system, overheated or faulty electrical equipment and other issues with the electrical system. The sooner you are able to identify the problem, the soon you can contact a plumber, perhaps from a site like, who can come and make repairs before too much damage is done.

Thermal imaging inspection is especially powerful if you want to see beyond the surface. With this powerful technology, you can see behind the electrical appliances, the plumbing system and other hidden areas of the house.

Is Thermal Imaging Home Inspection Worth the Price?

I am glad you asked!

First of all, a home inspection isn’t complete without using the thermal imaging process. Buying or selling a house is a huge decision, and you can’t base your decisions on a report that doesn’t fully capture the state of your home.

Second, At Inspecus, the thermal imaging inspection is included with every home inspection report. You don’t pay anything extra for the infrared thermography inspection. We understand the importance of this powerful technology and use it to protect our client’s financial investment. Click here to know more.

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Most home owners think that thermal imaging cameras are used on helicopters for car chases at night. This thought is correct, but now infrared thermal imaging cameras have been tweaked to perform non-invasive leak and heat loss inspections on your home! It’s fast, efficient and could save the equity in your home from being absorbed into repair costs caused by late leak detection.

TIP: When buying a home, always get a ‘moisture and leak’ building inspection in addition to your standard building inspection.

Most building inspectors don’t carry a thermal imaging camera, so you may need to hire both types of professionals in your pre-purchase process. Don’t buy a lemon!


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