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As more and more Edmontonians start to move from the downtown core to the suburbs, a simple fact begins to emerge; condos are entirely different than homes. Unlike condos, homes need some tender loving care to continue to be functional throughout the year. There is a lot more maintenance on a home that needs to be done, so consider that. Also, those moving into a home need to consider whether or not they have enough furniture for the whole house. If they don’t, there are department stores like Macy’s in Edmonton, so people could just visit there to furnish their home. Additionally, they could even use a macys coupon to save themselves money. Homeowners need to be prepared to spend some money though, some things might not have coupons available.

With no condo board to cover your maintenance or upkeep, it is all up to you and your family. Thus, no matter if you enjoy downtown living in Edmonton, AB or the suburbs in St Albert, AB, here are ten things you need to know when moving from a condo to a home!

Change the Furnace Filter!

When you finally buy your first piece of Edmonton Real Estate, new homeowners who are used to living in a condo often forget that you will need to spend some time to replace bits and further maintain your home, like changing the furnace filter. You may also want to check if there are other repairs needed for your furnace, so you can get in touch with furnace repair services, some of which you can find through a site similar to to aid with any repairs you may need.

These filters help ensure your furnace system limits dust and allergens floating around your house and needs to be replaced every three months. If you have a pet, it is best to change your filters every 45 days to ensure a clean and healthy air system no matter the season. These furnaces can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil, you’ll need to get to know your furnace and its needs. It is the heat source of the house, so if you have a broken or faulty furnace in the winter, it is not going to be a fun few months. That’s why you need to get in contact with a contractor from a HVAC company to check it and provide any maintenance should it need it. If you want to find out more about furnace repair, visit Buric Heating and Air Conditioning furnace repair in Columbia.

Garbage Day

Garbage day is a foreign concept when you live in a condo, but when you make a move and finally purchase your very own piece of St Albert real estate, garbage day starts to become significant.

Residential garbage and recycling collection is an art, and both St Albert, AB and Edmonton, AB cities have downloadable garbage and recycling schedules to ensure you can take out the trash on the right day.

This is important, as by-law officers in our fair city have been known to ticket for putting out the garbage early, and no one likes dealing with the city by-law officer!

Neighbourhood Furry Friends

During the Summer, Edmonton and St Albert have been known to have their fair share of rodents and large furry friends, and that is something you rarely deal within a condo.

For homeowners, this means you will need to ensure that your home is sealed and that your garbage and green bin are locked and ideally stored indoors. If you choose not to secure your garbage or home, you will be in for a rude and often messy surprise, which at the best of times, means you are cleaning up waste littered across your lawn.

Winterise sooner than you think

Winterising in a condo is a pretty simple process, but when you own a home, things start to get a little more complicated. When you invest in Edmonton real estate, you will need to do some work in and out of the home.

First, your outdoor hose will need to be emptied to prevent issues around freezing such as the expansion of pipes. Secondly, you will need to cover and store your outdoor furniture. Finally, you will need to buy a shovel… you chose to live in Edmonton, AB, snow is part of our very being.

Buy and prepare to use the winter essentials

Moving from a condo to a home is a process, and if you have yet to live in a house for an Albertan winter, it is going to be a wake-up call. Buying the essentials for winter is not always the most fun excursion in the Fall but having them on hand when the first snow hits will be a real lifesaver.

Naturally, the essentials for winter here in St Albert, AB are a snow shovel, salt, a good pair of boots and lots of mittens, as you are going to lose at least a glove per month!

There is always something to fix

There is an adage about home ownership; if there is nothing broken, chances are it is coming.

One of the joys of owning your very own piece of St Albert real estate is the fact that you are now responsible for repairs. To narrow down what you need to do as repair, always consult Home inspection for consultation.

To prepare yourself, most economists and budget experts suggest starting to build a house fund to cover unexpected costs. This is a good idea for older homes, and even new builds as you never know when the water heater will go, or a fridge will break down and you’ll need to head on over to somewhere like the Sharp Plumbing & Heating website or likewise plumbing services that could rectify any issues you’re having with your water or heating in your new home.

Make time for landscaping

One of the keys to dealing with your new house is to take control of the outside of your home. Although you might not want to deal with your landscaping, you are going to need to get a hold of your overgrown garden.

Make time every weekend to devote time to dealing with maintenance, or if the season permits, fall cleanup or spring prep. Being able to control your home and landscaping is one of the benefits of owning your piece of Edmonton real estate, and with some hard work, it might even become your very own paradise.

Window and Door Maintenance is key

As you may know, here in Alberta, we have some crazy weather. With massive temperature swings, and extreme weather as the norm, Alberta real estate demands proper maintenance. For new homeowners, window and door maintenance is an easy way to ensure your house is up to stuff and remains energy efficient.

Take the time to learn about how to complete quick fixes on both windows and doors and stock up on some extra paint; you might need it with our weather!

The main water shut-off is where?

As a homeowner, you need to know where some important things are. Check and clear an area to your fuse box. Ensure to Ask Home Inspector where the outside water shut off and the interior shut off valves are for your water supply.

Finally, you should know where your hot water tank, air conditioner and the furnace are within your home. It might seem like a pointless thing, but if something goes wrong, you will need to react quickly and know where you are going.

Dealing with moving from a condo to a home in Edmonton, AB or St Albert, AB is a big step, but we have set you up for success.

From knowing where your essential home systems are located to knowing when garbage day is, owning your first piece of Alberta real estate is an exciting adventure.

Did we miss your go-to thing to know? Comment below and start a conversation!

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