Ozone Odor Removal Services in Edmonton, AB

With our Ozone Odor Removal Services, you can finally get rid of the most hard to remove odors from your home.

Considering that offensive odours hamper home selling as well as diminishing your quality of life, it is important to get them removed effectively the first time, no matter how stubborn they are. With an Ozone odour treatment process, we are able to remove your stubborn odours, such as:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Animal odours
  • Mold

By using Ozone technology, we are ensuring that the odors in your home will never return. A number of services that advertise order removal are in fact just masking the odor from the homeowner.

However, with Ozone odor removal you get a complete odor removal process that is unparalleled in its effectiveness.

Ozone is a naturally occurring unstable compound that has a relatively short life span. For companies, such as Inspectus, we maintain Ozone producing machines to help expedite the process along. By producing Ozone into your home, we are allowing an unstable compound to bind to the offensive odors, thereby eliminating them. Unless you choose to keep the original source of the smell (i.e., keep smoking indoors), then the smell will never return. This is because Ozone attacks the odors at production sites, eliminating the odor once and for all.

When you use a home inspection service like Inspectus, you aren’t just getting a great home inspector; you’re getting peace of mind that your home is finally going to be operating in its ideal state.

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