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Are you thinking of buying one of the new houses in Oceanside? Is it time to upgrade your property? Have you been researching the building development down the road for a while now? If you’re thinking of buying a newly built property then just know that believing that a new house will be perfect is a common perception. This is because we know it was constructed recently and has not gone through any damage so far. Also, nobody has dwelled in it to cause any damage. Therefore, we may decide to skip the house inspection process. But no! You should not neglect the home inspection. Brand new homes do not need any inspection is a myth. Even when you are looking to build on your lot and start your own building process, inspection needs be part of your journey to ensure your new home will be safe to live in or sell. Before you buy a house, you need to inspect it thoroughly, and here’s why.

New homes too have problems

Just because the house was constructed recently does not mean it will not have problems. Sometimes construction workers may not do a proper fitting and miss out on specific small details. Such mistakes could result in faulty electrical sockets that need someone like Barnett Electrical to have a look at, improper ventilation, missing paint in small crevices, etc. When you conduct an inspection, these problems come to light, and you can get them fixed by the builder before moving into your new house. Also, when you conduct an inspection, you might even find out whether the house is built as per the local building codes or not. This will ensure that you do not face legal issues in the future.

Civic inspections are limited

New buildings are often inspected by the civic bodies before they are confirmed as suitable for market sale. However, the problem with civic inspections is that they have a short checklist and might not conduct an in-depth investigation. So if you rely only on the civic inspection, you might end up with a house that has some underlying issues. Inspecting your own will make sure your home is worth buying.

Problems found can be rectified before moving in

Builders ensure to provide you with the best possible comforts and amenities in a new home. In the planning of these amenities, certain small details within the house can be missed by the builder. This is also because a builder is already coordinating with different subcontractors for different tasks. When you get a house inspection done, such missed problems are caught and easily mended by the builder before you buy the house. If you are in need of short-term storage options for your items before you move into your new home after the inspection, you can go onto websites such as for assistance in this area. Then you can fully move in once the inspection is done with all of your household items.

Impacts your resale value

If you buy a new house without an inspection, you may buy a house with an underlying problem that you do not know about. This problem will come back to haunt you when you wish to sell this house. The new buyer may conduct an inspection and identify the problem. This will reduce your house’s resale value. Therefore, make sure you identify all problems at the beginning when you buy a house.

Brand new houses may not need a house inspection, but the law requires that every property listed for sale, goes through a comprehensive inspection process. Before you sign the house papers, give a quick call to the house inspection expert and make the right decision.

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