thermal detection

House inspection is a comprehensive process that involves various steps to ensure that all the damages prevailing within a house are found. Sometimes these damages are not easily visible. This makes it a difficult task to find them. To ease this task, thermal detection was introduced in the house inspection process. A thermal detection is a process that uses infrared imaging to identify damages. This is a non-invasive process that makes it easy for an inspector to show internal damages to their clients. So how exactly does thermal detection help in house inspections? Well, here are some ways in which it helps.

Energy Loss Detection

The infrared camera of the thermal detection equipment can capture the loss of heat and air infiltration within the ceilings, walls, and flooring. It can also detect if the heating systems have malfunctioned or if there are leaks in the air-conditioning compressor. Apart from the heating and cooling systems, the infrared camera can find out if the windows are double-paned, which causes heat loss in the house.

Moisture Detection

The major reason for moisture in a housing structure is the leakage in pipes. Sometimes these leaks are not easily visible but can be identified by an infrared camera. Apart from pipe leaks, the camera can also identify moisture caused by roof leaks, wet insulations, and water penetration. Such leaks can cause a major damage to the structure of a house.

Hot Spot Detection

When the electrical connections of the house are not secure, the chances of fire increases. Such broken circuits need to be identified. With the help of an infrared camera, you can identify circuit breaks, overloaded circuits, overheating of electrical and electrical faults.

Other Detections

Apart from these specific detections, the thermal infrared camera helps in finding various other damages in the house that may go unnoticed. One such major problem is the pest infestation that may happen on the wooden structure of the house. Apart from that, the house may also have intruders such as rats and rodents in the building base. These pests and rodents are identified by the infrared camera because of the heat emitted from their bodies. Infrared camera also identifies dangerous leaks such as carbon monoxide.

With so many benefits, thermal detection is definitely a great introduction to the process of house inspection. To know more about thermal detection and to get an inspection quote, get in touch with the expert of house inspection in Edmonton.

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