Before we help you save money on a home inspector let’s start with what is a home inspection and why you need it.

What is a home inspection? Why do you need one?

A home inspection is a professional opinion of a certified inspector regarding a property’s condition. The report is a thorough investigation of the house that includes reviewing the conditions of many different elements and structures. These include foundations, electrical systems, insulation, visible structures, mold, asbestos, and many other parts of the property and systems. The report is important because it is always used by the buyer/seller to make a decision. A home inspection can be defined as an appraisal by a qualified individual regarding a property.

How can I save money on a home inspection?

Now the price of the actual inspection is not the only way to save on potentially huge sums of money. Money is lost for both buyers and sellers in other forms as well. Such as for a seller the issues mainly stem from a home inspector that is not properly qualified. This could lead to a higher chance to devalue the property, either intentionally or unintentionally. This forces the buyer to spend more money on repairs than what is actually needed. For a buyer, an unqualified home inspector can overvalue the price of the property. They could also miss inspecting key elements of the house which might cost the person more money down the line.

Below we will list 5 of the best helpful tips to make sure you get a quality home inspection that you deserve.

Ask for referrals from the Home Inspector

Ask the home inspector for a few referrals and give them a call. Talking to people that have used the services of the home inspection company in question can shed a lot of insight regarding the professionalism and quality of the work done. Make sure to ask them all the questions you have in mind and get detailed responses. You can also ask your family and friends if they have anyone that they can recommend. Keep in mind that in most cases their opinion does not qualify as a professional opinion. Make sure to do your own research when evaluating which home inspection company whether in Edmonton, Calgary, or anywhere else to go with.

Know the basics of Home Inspection and Maintenance

Learn the basics of the of what happens during a home inspection. With just the basic knowledge you can have a fairly good idea of how the whole process with the home inspector will be. In Fact, you could take it a step further and since you know the process you can take small steps to make sure the process goes through more smoothly. This can include little things like cleaning up clutter around your house, replacing air filters, and even asking questions during the home inspection that can lead to greater chance of understanding where you will be spending a huge amount of your money. In addition, you can make sure that the home inspector checks everything that indeed needs to be checked and that they are not missing anything.

Read Reviews about Home Inspection Companies

Most professional home inspectors will have some sort of online presence. This can be their own website, facebook page, or a google my business account. No matter what they have for an online presence you can be sure that they will most likely have customers who have previously used their services. Many customers leave reviews on their performance, price, and professionalism.

The main key points to look out for in their online reviews is the overall satisfaction rating. Negative reviews left behind by customers as well as the small detail of the fact if the home inspector themselves respond to those reviews. They should be thanking good reviews and responding to bad ones in a professional tone and asking for feedback to improve their work. The last key point is very important. If they communicate with their customers online you can be rest assured that they are serious about their vocation and are constantly improving in their line of work.

Check the Credentials of the Home Inspection Company

A well trained home inspector will most likely have credentials to back up his/her work. In Alberta alone, home inspectors need to pass a licensing course and examination. In addition, Home Inspectors need to be insured as a minimum to be licensed home inspectors. On top of necessary education home inspectors can continue their education and gain additional certification. Be prepared to understand that in most cases the more certified/experienced a home inspector is the more they will charge. That being said, there are always professional, highly credentialed companies that offer affordable service like Inspecus. From this point make sure that your home inspector has the basic credentials to inspect your home. In addition, specific inspection projects are more costly because specialized inspectors are needed.

Ask Questions to understand everything about Home Inspection

Even before the inspection starts asking questions about the inspectors past experience and certification can bring to light the qualifications and work experience the home inspector has. Also note that it is perfectly understandable for you to be beside the person as they’re inspecting the property. In fact, at Inspecus we encourage you to be there and learn as much as you can. Ask questions and investigate your options with the inspector on how to fix the problems they found. A good inspector will be happy to answer any questions and help you make the right decision and save money.

With this information you can buy or sell a house with confidence. If you are looking to buy or sell a house in Edmonton, Calgary, or surrounding areas please get in touch with us today. Our home inspectors are the best in Alberta. The Inspectors we work with are highly skilled at the job and have many years of experience under their belts. We have great prices and the quality of our work is even better. Most of our clients are through referrals which is a great testament to out work.

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