10 Professional Tips for Home buyers

When we go shopping, take shoes, clothes, accessories, for instance, we put a great deal of thought into the matter, will it look good? Should I buy it today or wait for the sales? Are they fashionable?

But when we buy houses, the matter is of far more significance than daily items. Most people buy a home only once or twice in their life, the reasons, it is a huge financial decision, you can’t change your house like clothes, once you buy it, you have to live there. But while you double check aspects like affordability, convenience, location and the like, the most crucial element is often forgotten, hiring the perfectly capable home inspector.

The home inspection is the key to finding out any structural issues, aging problems, and any need for repairing etc. Not only can it save you money, but it will also help you in the long run. And for that purpose, you should always hire a qualified and reliable home inspector.

Here are the 10 Professional tips on hiring the perfectly capable home inspector.

1. Experience:

Ask the home inspector how many years has he been inspecting homes? Like every other profession, you must seek a professional home inspector who has experience in his area.

2. Area Knowledge:

It is important that the home inspector you hire knows the Area enough (Local Inspector- Edmonton) and has done a considerable number of inspection. Having that edge will save you a lot of trouble as there could be issues pertaining to a certain region such as humidity, leakage etc.

3. Qualification:

Although most of the home inspectors are Professionally Train, Asking qualification questions like what college you graduate from? What kind of certificate you currently holding?

4. Association:

If a home inspector has an active membership of an authentic home inspector association, they are the right choice for you. This shows their credibility as well as ensure the fact they are gaining more experience by learning from fellow inspectors. The InterNACHI is one of the most prestigious Association.

5. Review Opinions:

While hiring the home inspector, you should talk to the families and relatives who have had an inspection of their home and are living by it. If they had a good opinion of their home inspector, you must contact him. Or Check Google Review

6. No Double offers:

If a home inspector tells you that he can inspect, and fix the issues with the home, you should immediately step back. The inspectors who insist on fixing mostly lie about defects just to get extra money from the clients.

7. Licensed:

Make sure your home inspector is licensed to work in your Area (Edmonton, AB), this is very important.

8. Insurance:

Make sure the home inspector has an error and omission insurance, you don’t want to pay for his fall or any other mishap since you are already paying him for his service.

9. Communication & Transparency

Talk to the home inspector before hiring, see if you both get along well, ask them questions that make you more comfortable with them, try to tag along while he starts the inspection.

10. Sample report:

A sample report is a must before acquiring the service of a home inspector. Check if it’s readable, make sure it’s comprehensible and professional, after all, there is no use of hiring an inspector if he can’t give you a knowledgeable analysis.

We are sure if you keep all these tips handy while hiring a home inspector, you’ll never have a bad experience. Call InspecUs Today 780-862-3549 for Hiring the Perfectly Capable Home Inspector in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St.Albert, Sherwood Park and surrounding area.

  1. November 15, 2018

    You are correct. Experience is a vital quality in your home inspector within this industry. Someone who has been working in the industry for a long time has seen more houses than you can imagine and can easily detect the most important issues about your new home. Also you make a good point that double offers can be dangerous. For additional tips I can be a good idea to look for a local inspector near your area as it will be easier to approach them later in case trouble emerges.


    • February 6, 2019

      Thank you

    • February 6, 2019

      Thank You for the feedback

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