There are several applications for metal buildings or steel structures. A storage shed is not the only idea. It can be converted into almost anything! A shed or carport can be used for your education, career, storage, environmental projects, and even for entertainment, for instance, you can get affordable durable sheds for a work from home office, or an art corner for some examples.

Education and Career

It’s hard to find a quiet space at home to do your work, however, you could one of the steel buildings West Virginia has available to create an outdoor home office that will give you the privacy you need (especially during the summer). This is also great for anyone working from home. A similar concept to this would be an outdoor studio for art, music, and photography. Having a personal warehouse would help you detach from the rest of the world. This is a whole new world where you can get lost in your painting or photographs. You can even convert this into a business and display your completed work to your customers. As for music, you can have a quiet area to practice and give lessons. Anyone interested in any business can open up a shop.

Storage and Environmental Projects

We all know that a shed is great for utility storage for any of your tools, lawnmowers, and bikes. What we don’t know is that it can also be used as a carport for protecting cars such as car sheds, greenhouse, park shelter, and picnic pavilion. If you love gardening and agriculture, a garden shed nearby is convenient for storing all your items, and a greenhouse is perfect for protecting your plants from the changing seasons. A great idea for your community park is a shelter. For example, sometimes you need a moment to cool down and rest during the sunny days, and all you have to do is go to the shelter for shade. This goes for rainy days too. This can not only protect your kids from dehydration but also from the dreadful cold. Lastly, a picnic pavilion is great for the outdoors and is a popular choice for family days. Whether it is raining in Edmonton or we have a very sunny day, some shelter is always nice.


For family entertainment and fun, there are a wide variety of choices. Your children can have fun in their own personal playhouse or gaming room, like a modern take on the traditional treehouse. Except it’s a much safer alternative, you won’t have to worry about your child climbing up any heights. Just check in with them and watch them play in their own funhouse. It’s an opportunity for them to invite their friends and make friendships in a fun and playful environment. This also helps to separate fun time and schoolwork.

In extension to this, you can further create a hobby center for painting, sewing, and decorating, or you may want to use it as a backyard home office to get your work done in peace and quiet. This goes for not only kids but adults too. If you have a talent for something that you wish to do on the side, you can create your own space where you can enjoy some downtime doing your favorite hobbies. Finally, for the family pool, you can build a shed nearby for your deck or patio, have outdoor barbecues, and invite all your friends, neighbors, and family! It’s always great to offer shade for your guests near a pool on those steaming hot summer days. This can help set the atmosphere for the event you are hosting.

A Carport is a Must

Whether it’s for entertainment, furthering your business and education or environmental projects, a shed or carport can be used not just for storage. There are so many benefits for this; for example, the roof is also great for installing solar panels which will help you save the environment and reduce your electricity bills. If there’s anything to invest in when improving your lifestyle, this is the best option, with its variety of creative uses.

This article was written by Amy Lara from Carport Central. If you are looking at getting a carport, make sure to check them out! And as always, for all of your home inspection needs, give us a call at 780-862-3549.

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