house inspection

Planning to buy a new house? If yes, then you need to be heedful about several things with regards to the house and everything else related to it. You must inspect the house thoroughly to ensure that it is free from any grave issues and is the right fit for your requirements. A number of things need to be inspected and evaluated before you make one of the biggest purchases of your life. Y

Checklist handy to ensure that you don’t miss out on any crucial house inspection consideration

  1. Check if there are any unusual or unpleasant smells in the house such as must odor or traces of moisture. Go to the kitchen, bathroom, and yard to check for any sewage smells.
  2. Check for visible flaws such as cracks in the walls, floor, ceiling, near the foundation of the walls, and other elements of the house. Check the house from the inside as well as on the outside for cracks.
  3. Check if the paint is chipping or peeling. Also, check if the plaster and internal work are visible.
  4. Check if the ceiling isn’t sagging and the walls are not bending or bulging inwards or outwards.
  5. Check for any damp or wet spots on the ceiling, walls, or anywhere else in or around the house.
  6. Check if there are any traces of mold, fungus, or algae on the walls, ceiling, flooring, etc. Especially, check areas that are more prone to moisture damage such as the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and attic. If you do notice any bad spots, take a sample and opt for VOC Testing in California. Sending your sample away to be tested can let you know if it really is mold and how severe the problem is. Once you know the details, you can have the problem resolved.
  7. Check if the connections of eavestrough, downspouts, roof pipes, and other roof installations are secured and firmly attached. Ensure that these are not shaky or dangling. Also, check for cracks and signs of corrosion in these systems.
  8. Go up on the roof carefully and check if all the shingles and flashings are in their best condition. Look for any cracked, broken, missing shingles, and if you come across any at all, then use a roofing company like Division Kangaroof once you move in or you can ask to get this fixed beforehand.
  9. Go down to the basement and check for structural and plumbing problems. Check for the signs of moisture by looking for mold growth and musty smell. You may need a Craftsman Plumbing plumber in Edmond or wherever you are located to inspect the house, if you find any issues.
  10. Inspect the visible plumbing system and ensure that all the pipes are tightly secured and free from corrosion. Open all faucets and showerheads to check the water pressure in different places of the house. Check for any leaking and running faucets, shower heads, toilets, or plumbing joints. If you need professional help, you can get in touch with a plumbing service similar to Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating (
  11. Inspect the electrical system of the house and ensure all the switches, fans, lights, cooling, and heating system, etc. are in good working condition. Switch on and off all the switches to see if they function well. Take a look at the electrical panel and check for any faults.
  12. Check the exterior areas of the house patio, porch, yard, walkways, driveway, home deck, etc. Ensure that the surfaces are properly leveled, and the slope is just the way it should be.

While a home inspection is a lot more than just a visual evaluation of the property, it can get tiresome to go to every part of the house and observe it closely. It is always the best idea to opt for professional house inspection services to avoid long tiring days and ensure in-depth inspection and analysis of your new house.

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