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Your property needs to be maintained to make it market worth but also to provide you with a comfortable lifestyle. As a seller, it is your job to maintain the house and get it inspected before listing your home. Buyers, as well need to be sure that they are getting a home worth their money. As the saying goes, you can’t buy or sell a house without getting it inspected by an inspection company in Edmonton.

You can’t get into legal trouble if your house has issues and you sell the property without first inspecting it. On the same note, buyers can’t get approved for a mortgage if the property under question is not properly inspected and repaired.

Certified Home Inspection Edmonton

Home inspectors are a vital component in real estate because they provide insights into the condition of the home you want to buy or sell. Not only do home inspectors identify the construction problems with the house, but they also give essential and reliable information on how to fix the issues plus how to maintain the property.

How to Choose a Reliable Home Inspection Company in Edmonton?

The internet is filled with all sorts of companies claiming to give the best home inspection business. However, you can’t just trust anyone to provide the best and reliable home inspection report. Therefore, we choose to keep our customers informed on the best home inspection services available in town.

Have you ever wondered why it’s recommended that homeowners or buyers do some research before choosing a home inspection service? Well, here you will learn what to expect from a professional home inspection business.

Most of us including, real estate investors, homeowners, buyers, and sellers are price conscious. Many of them settle on cheap, substandard home inspection services. If you want to rest assured that your property will be inspected entirely and get a comprehensive report on the house problems and their solutions, always rely on the experts. Only professional home inspectors can provide a complete visual examination of the property.

As a company committed to the home inspection service with years of experience, we focus our skills and knowledge to inspecting all major systems of the property. We conduct an objective evaluation of the house/property condition and compile a comprehensive report indicating all the findings and potential concerns.


It's More than just a home inspection



If you are shopping for a home that matches your investment, InspecUs home inspection Edmonton is here to help you make the right decision without worrying about investing in a substandard property.

We have years of experience, and our home inspection team is trained to provide reliable reports to homebuyers, sellers and real estate agents. We offer a wide array of home inspection services, and our professionals are the best equipped at handling a diverse range of house inspection services, which include:

1. Small business and Home Inspection Edmonton

As an expert in this line of trade, we boast a complete home and small business inspection service to homeowners, buyers, and real estate agents to ensure they get the best service. Whether you wish to buy or sell your property, InspecUs is the best home inspection Edmonton business that you can trust.

We conduct a custom house inspection starting from CAD 150 per hour. Besides doing a thorough home inspection, we connect our customers with the best general contractors in their region to handle all the necessary repairs and maintenance needs as complimentary.

To ensure a satisfactory home and small business inspection, we conduct both interior and exterior investigation to make sure that all doors, windows heating, cooling, and ventilation problems are identified and reported accurately.

We inspect the house walls, ceilings, foundation, floorings, staircase, electrical appliances and the overall exterior structure of the house and recommend issues to maintain your home at the optimum level. InspecUs,’s Home inspection include Thorough Inspection, Thermal Scanning, Home Warranty, Maintenance advice, lifetime customer service.

2. Thermal Inspection and Scanning

Additionally, we conduct a comprehensive inspection. Therefore, our investigation comes with thermal scanning to help identify Moisture/leak issue, Missing insulation behind the wall, Overheated Electrical Breaker and other issues.

3. Air quality testing

Your home interior air quality is of great importance because it’s an essential component that makes your home safe and livable. As a dedicated air quality test experts, we test for the presence of compounds ranging from asbestos and mildew to pesticides. At InspecUs, we make it our duty to keeping your home safe. Always make sure you hire the right kind of people and that they do a good job installing the units. An air conditioner repair technician can fix the air quality in the home. This way you won’t need to worry about the air quality, and you won’t need to keep getting constant repairs. So, don’t wait until the whole system breaks down. It is the right time to get started now.

4. Asbestos sampling & Testing

When we say that we conduct a thorough interior inspection, we mean that we leave nothing to chance. We do asbestos sampling and provide information about their use in the house walls, ceiling, and roofing.

We understand that asbestosis a high-risk element if disturbed and can cause chronic diseases such as lung cancer as well as asthma. Our team conducts thorough asbestos testing to identify any traces and advise you accordingly on how to tackle the problem. Asbestos was widely used in home construction projects before the 1980s, therefore, you are selling or buying a house that was built before 1980, it is mandatory to consult an experienced inspection company in Edmonton.

It is our business to ensure homebuyer and real estate agents understand the structure of the house including its foundation. Through our home inspection experts, we can provide contractor inspection services so that you can rest assured of making the right investment when buying a property.

5. Condo inspection

Take away the doubts of having a poorly inspected condominium unit by contacting us. We assist clients in identifying the existing and potential problems in the condo unit they wish to buy or sell and advise them accordingly on the repairs needed on time. We employ detailed standards of inspection service implemented by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors in Canada. Our charges for condominium inspection start from CAD 299.

6. Mold Inspection and Testing

Molds infestation is one of the many problems that make a house inhabitable. However, with our Certified inspectors, you can make your mold situation a thing of the past. Our mold inspection teams analyze the mold growth and advise accordingly on the type of mold plaguing the house and how to resolve the situation.

We are licensed, Certified professional home inspectors in Edmonton & area, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc, Devon & Many more. We prioritize your home inspection needs while offering extra services. Call us today and get more than a home inspection service at a fair price.

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