Asbestos Sampling in Edmonton AB

It is a naturally occuring element that was widely used in home construction projects from 1950s-1970s. Asbestos was used for home roofing, ceilings, drywall, and insulation because of its affordability, durability, fire-resistant and temperature-resistant properties. Additionally, this material has been used in older cement plumbing pipes, duct coverings, plaster, putty, and other caulking materials too.

However, it has been discovered that the material is highly dangerous. Asbestos is one of the major causes of lung cancer and respiratory infections like asthma. Inhalation of asbestos fibers is also responsible for causing pleural mesothelioma and asbestosis.

It is essential to inspect your home for Asbestos to stay safe and healthy. InspecUs can be your solution for identifying the presence of this harmful material in different parts of your house. We provide in-depth asbestos testing as a part of the air quality testing or an individual service for your home. If your house was built before 1980, it becomes crucial for you to get your house tested for asbestos.

Asbestos Testing in Edmonton

Before doing anything, we need to determine the type & amount of asbestos present in your home. Our asbestos removal experts are certified by NACHI. We all follow a closely monitored process to remove asbestos from your house. Our experts will take an asbestos sample from every affected section of your house. Our team will analyze the samples to determine the best solution for your situation.

Asbestos Remediation in Edmonton

If the presence of asbestos is confirmed, we can proceed further. You’ll get a detailed report regarding the type and amount of asbestos and related security concerns. Asbestos is not dangerous if left untouched. However, building decay is a natural process. As time passes by, asbestos fibers are released into the air which when inhaled becomes the cause of various diseases. In our report, you’ll get complete details of the asbestos present in your house. We understand that asbestos abatement requires special care and that’s why we follow strict guidelines to monitor the entire process. Although each inspection project is unique, our certified home inspectors follow this process:

  • Air Containment
  • Protective equipment for our contractors and people working inside your house
  • Secure disposal of the asbestos found in your house
  • Air Sanitization
  • Resampling

The unaffected areas of your home must be protected because asbestos is a fibrous material. We control the air pressure inside your house so that asbestos is restricted to a particular location. Our team is trained and equipped with advanced technology and tools to deal with the matter. After the asbestos is removed, we thoroughly sanitize, deodorize and clean the affected areas so that air-quality and atmosphere are safe for you.

The asbestos removal cost is dependant on a few factors including:

  • The type of asbestos in your home
  • The area where the asbestos is located
  • And, the amount of asbestos present in your home

For a detailed analysis of Call (780) 862-3549

Our goal is to remove asbestos from your home while protecting you &  your family. Asbestos is a hazardous material. It’s not dangerous if left untouched but if it’s spreading in the air, it’s best to call asbestos abatement experts and let them tackle the issue. Connect with a certified asbestos remediation company and have them remove the asbestos, so your home becomes safe again!

Removing asbestos is a complicated task. It requires both expertise and precautionary measures so that you don’t risk the health & safety of your family members. Asbestos abatement experts should also be aware of the legal requirements and make sure that the material is disposed of properly after it has been removed from the property.

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 InspecUs provides complete asbestos inspection service for new and old homes. We provide air quality and asbestos testing services in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Dеvоn, Sрruсе Grоvе, Fоrt Sаѕkаtсhеwаn, and surrounding areas for:

  • Complete roofing including sidings, tiles, and shingles
  • Different types of ceiling and ceiling elements such as popcorn ceiling
  • Electrical switchboard panel and electrical insulation
  • Flooring and tiles
  • Plaster, putty, and caulking materials
  • Wall, roofing, and attic insulation
  • Drywall and wall panels
  • Plumbing pipes and caulking
  • And the complete structure of your house

Apart from the asbestos testing, we also provide complete air quality testing for your entire house.

Air Quality Test

We provide complete home inspections to detect harmful gases, odors, and substances that affect the air quality in your townhouse. Mold, mildew, pesticides, etc. are some volatile organic compounds often found in a house. We detect these substances and get them eliminated so that you can live in a healthy environment.

Why Should You Consider InspecUs?

  • Comprehensive asbestos testing and detailed reporting for every part of your house.
  • Most advanced equipment and technology for testing the presence of asbestos in your house.
  • Simplified inspection reports so that you can understand them.
  • We follow the inspection guidelines of the City of Edmonton which is known as the highest standard of property inspection in Canada.
  • We follow the detailed Standards of Practice implemented by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.
  • Whether you want to understand the benefits or disadvantages of asbestos or our in-depth testing process, we are always available to answer your questions.
  • We have connections with general contractors that help you eliminate and replace asbestos from your home and also provide maintenance services whenever needed.

Whether you are planning to buy or sell your house, or wish to keep your house in the best livable condition, InspecUs can provide quality asbestos testing service for your single-family house, townhouse, or condominium unit.

Don’t compromise with your health. Call (780) 862-3549  for booking an asbestos testing OR book online and save on GST and live safely in your house.

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