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With the increase in different types of pollution, our health is being compromised. The kind of air that you breathe, also makes a difference to our health. For this purpose, home & indoor air quality testing is advised in Edmonton, AB. Inspectus does a fabulous job of testing not only the quality of air at your home, but, also, tests unknown odors and substances in your home.

According to the EPA( Environment Protection Agency), some of the substances that cause cancer, such as asbestos can be detected through air quality testing. Asbestos is a fiber which was extensively used in buildings for a very long time, until it was detected to be a major cause of lung cancer. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware if it was used during the construction of their home or office.

Other than the air quality, the allergens present in the air are also detrimental to our health. Notably, pollen, dust mites, animal dander, molds, cockroach droppings etc. are known to cause allergy in humans, on regular interaction. These allergens also need to be checked for.

Inspectus has a horde of experienced professionals from the industry, all of which are certified from InterNACHI for the purpose of air quality and allergen sampling. It is important that the air we breathe and come in contact with regularly, such as at home and also at your offices needs to be properly checked. Only after the above mentioned sampling is done, can the corrective measures for air quality be taken.


Leading Air Quality Testing Company In Edmonton & Nearby Areas

Is there a weird smell in your house? Have you been falling sick too often? Or perhaps you’re attempting to lead a healthier lifestyle and are just curious as to whether the amount of VOCs( Volatile organic compounds) in your house or place of business is tolerable.

Billions of tiny contaminants are frequently found in even the cleanest homes and offices. Any odd possibilities can be found and handled before they harm your property or health with the help of Edmonton indoor air quality testing. Home air quality testing in Edmonton can even detect the unclean ducts that lead to poor air quality. Additionally, air quality testing in Edmonton will pave the way for a cleaner, fresher indoor air with fewer health risks, whether at home or the office. These elements significantly contribute to increased comfort and happiness.

So if you are looking for leading air quality testing in Edmonton, Alberta, and nearby areas, then contact us at InspecUs. We have a dedicated team of professionals inclined to make your home and office a safer and better place to live with their air quality testing in Edmonton. Contact us today!

Why Choose Us For Air Quality Testing In Edmonton, AB?

Understanding air quality and air pollutants throughout time is useful. The process of sampling and testing air emissions is known as air quality monitoring or air pollution monitoring. Furthermore, air quality testing in Edmonton shows whether air quality is deteriorating or increasing through trends and patterns.

Contact us at InspecUs if you want Edmonton indoor air quality testing. We have a team of experts measuring air pollutants, such as gasses, particles, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to show compliance with environmental and health-related regulations. Our services do not end here; we even produce a comprehensive and exhaustive report that will help you get clarity on the air quality of your home. We will even provide brief steps and measures you can take to improve the air quality. Knowing the conditions of your property will help you get clarity on your further course of action and help you get peace of mind. 

Contact us today at InspecUs for air quality testing in Edmonton, Alberta.


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