Air Quality Testing in Edmonton, AB

Believe it or not, the air quality in your home can give inspectors a very clear picture of the health of your home.

Homes often contain dangerous chemicals and gasses, which pose a threat to the home as well as the home occupants. Some of the most common dangerous gases and compounds that owners can’t detect with a dedicated air quality test are:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Asbestos
  • Pesticides

Many of these substances can’t be detected without specialized equipment, and in fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that  a known cause of lung cancer, can only be detected using an air quality test. Perhaps the other most dangerous substance to be found in homes is Asbestos. Asbestos is heat resistant fiber that was used in construction materials for decades until it was determined to be a major cause of cancer. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t aware of whether their home contains asbestos or not.

To make sure that you’re fully protected against unknown odors and substances in your home, be sure to call a home inspector who can perform an air quality test.

Not only will this help will resale value of your home, but also it might just end up saving your life.

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