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At Inspecus Edmonton AB, we make every end meet to provide you the best possible inspection for your homes. Our home inspectors know their craft very well. The team consists of highly qualified, experienced home inspectors who know their job to the core. While inspecting your home, our home inspectors use the latest tools and technology to inspect your home as your health and safety come first for us. 

The additional value that our home inspectors have is that they come from a construction background. This helps them understand the building infrastructure and appliance fitting technology better. Whether you are purchasing a new property or looking for maintenance of the existing one, we will provide you the inspection report on the same day with all the details in an easy-to-understand format and high-resolution pictures. We provide honest reports to help you make an informed decision.

Other than the general and regular home inspection, we offer expertise in air-quality checks, mold testing, and more. We are licensed and certified by the leading home inspection organizations in the world InterNACHI. Call us today to speak to our experts for a detailed discussion.

Trusted Property Inspectors In Edmonton, Alberta & Nearby Areas

Inspecus is owned by a well-qualified and trained inspector who comes with a rich entrepreneurial background. The team consists of the best home inspectors who carry years of construction and inspection experience. Some of them even have the discipline of defense background that gives them an edge for service. Our team is well equipped with the latest tools and techniques to deliver the best.

Our home inspectors provide inspection services to property owners & investors, potential buyers, and real estate agents. We provide expert services in air quality and mold testing. We believe in educating the customers thoroughly and honestly about the inspection results that help the customers in making an informed decision with more confidence. Our team is licensed and certified by the leading home inspection organization, InterNACHI.

Our services plethora is vast that includes home inspection, townhome inspection, condo inspection, small business inspection, mold & sampling inspection, asbestos inspection, ozone treatment inspection, etc. Considering the vast amount of potential problems that can exist with homes, our services include thermal inspection & imaging, mold inspection & testing, recall check on inspection, air quality checks. We understand the need of customers and provide the best services with no vested interest. 

TO 800+ Clients In 2020

Exactly what one would need from a home inspector. Banti is very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to share that knowledge. This is a big plus especially if you are a first time home owner. If it is not your first time, you can still really appreciate the refresher on things that Banti shares with you.

David Lam

First time home buyer. Banti was in for a home inspection and was professional and had some good advice on how to maintain the place. In addition, he took the time to answer any questions and was very thorough in explaining how the household systems should operate as well as inspecting them.

Shailesh patel

Banti was very thorough with our home inspection. He was professional, courteous and helpful. The report was provided promptly and was very well done. The report website was easy to read and accessible.

Paul Gillis

Banti did the inspection for our new house and he was very professional, thorough and friendly. He explained everything clearly and answered all our questions. He took his time and looked at everything in detail to make sure nothing was missed. Very happy with this service, and definitely recommend it!

Parand Mohandesi

Banti was very polite and cheerful. Did a thorough home investigation that will start my honey do list early!

M Sparks

Banti is polite, easygoing and very professional; he paid attention to details and checked carefully all components of the inspection list by using many tools and equipments . Also, gives lots of explanations during the process.Highly recommended.

Sabbi Jacaj
Edmonton Home Inspectors

Inspecus Home Inspectors know their craft. They have years of experience and a very thorough understanding about everything they should watch out for when conducting a home inspection. We put our clients first, period. The best compliment we receive is when a client refers someone to us.

We also offers expertise in air quality, mold testing, radon and more. Talk to us so we can see how best to help you. We make a promise to every customer, we will thoroughly examine the property and provide you with a detailed and honest report.

We are licensed and certified by the leading Home Inspection organizations in the world: InterNACHI.

Give us a call at 780-862-3549 we look forward to speaking with you.


Home Inspection

A home inspection is a non-invasive visual examination of a property by a professional home inspector in order to determine the quality of the property. The home inspection results in surfacing any issues or problems that may be a potential threat, or already existing.

  • Pre-listing Home Inspection
  • New Buyer Home Inspection
  • Investor Inspection
  • Inspection of Commercial Property
  • Inspection of Multi-family Homes
  • Overall Home Inspection

Thermal Scanning

Thermal Scanning and Imaging is a modern-day technique used by our home inspector in Edmonton, AB. We use modern technology which includes infrared cameras and thermal imaging cameras to find any signs of damages that are not visible to the naked eye during a home inspection in Edmonton. The use of advanced technology helps us in determining the loss of heat through the walls and leakages in the pipelines.

Mold & Asbestos

There have been many cases where we have discovered the presence of molds and asbestos during a home inspection in Edmonton. Molds release spores which can cause severe health issues. Similarly, breathing in asbestos minerals can cause irritation in the lungs and cause them to become stiff, leading to a disease called asbestosis. We offer professional mold and asbestos inspection in Edmonton and help you deal with them accordingly.


If you are going to invest in a commercial property, you must be aware that they come at a high price. Investing in such a property should be done with care. A professional commercial property inspection is one way to deal with that stress. At InspecUs, we have trained and experienced professionals who have been offering commercial inspections for a long time. They know what to look for, and where to look for issues in a commercial property. Their inspection includes everything from the exterior surroundings to the interiors, from bathrooms to the sewers. Our commercial inspectors do not let go of any corner of your property unchecked and will come up with a comprehensive inspection report which will help you make a decision with a peaceful mind.

WETT inspection

Do you have a fireplace at home? Or a furnace? A WETT inspection ensures that any wood-burning place in your home is a safe spot for you and your family. During a WETT inspection, our home inspectors will check if the burning spot is installed safely and perfectly so that any potential future accidents can be avoided.

Finding the ideal home is deceptively hard to do.
Certified Home Inspection in Edmonton
Townhome Inspection in Edmonton, AB
Small Business Inspection Edmonton AB
Mold & Sampling Inspection
Asbestos Inspection & Sampling, Edmonton Canada
Ozone Treatment Edmonton AB
Thermal Imaging & Moisture Detection
Air Quality & Allergan Sampling

At Inspecus, it’s more than a home inspection. With an unbiased opinion we report about areas that require fixes or substitutions. Our work is exceptionally proficient and as prepared and ensured home reviewers we invest heavily in our devotion and obligation to our customers.


Call or Get a quick quote & save on GST. We pride in delivering rapid responses to any queries you make. Our quotes are competitive in order to suit your budget and provide quality inspection.


Our blogs are help you to choose better. You can read through our aims, goals, experience, expertise and work in our blogs which provides details of our services as trained and certified professionals.

Trained For Excellence
InspecUs have prepared and guaranteed inspectors who carry with them long periods of involvement and consideration regarding inspections while reviewing your home or your business space. We bring our skill from the development business, consequently our pace of greatness is ensured and exact.
Top Of The Line Tools
We use state of the art and highest quality tools that are being used in the inspection industry. We ensure our reports are perfect and hence we use thermal cameras, new softwares for reporting and more for all the aspects being inspected. We do not compromise on our quality of work.
Unbiased Reporting in 24 Hours
We got the best reporting software on the market. So our reports are clear, actionable and we take over 200 pictures to add into the report. We are 100% thorough and efficient, and we can provide the full report within 24 hours and even sooner upon request. At InspecUs, we take pride in building up a reputation for ourselves with the highest quality of work. We deliver our comprehensive and easy to read reports of inspection within the span of 24 hours and we ensure the reports are unbiased and without any interference of a mediator.
Going The Extra Mile For You
We offer ongoing support and expertise when needed. We know the numbers for what things cost. We often times have popped back to a house to answer a question or concern to help you in your house buying or selling. Our aim is 100% client satisfaction and we go an extra mile to ensure that. At InspecUs we believe in solving all the queries of our customers and providing them detailed information regarding the property being inspected so that they can make an informed decision. We will ensure you are completely satisfied with the purchase you make.

Quick Detailed Home Inspection Reports for Fast Selling or Buying

A home inspection is a visual examination of the property done by certified and trained home inspectors. It is a complete health and safety check-up of your home, including its walls, ceilings, HVAC systems, doors, windows, electrical and plumbing provisions, and more. Qualified professionals also check for dampness, moisture, and seepage.

The purpose of the home inspection is to provide detailed know-how on the health of your home. So, before you invest your hard-earned money in a project, your mind should be clear that it is worth investing in and is sans flaws.

Contact InspecUs for quality home inspections in Edmonton, AB, and get a detailed home inspection report in 24 hours. A comprehensive home inspection report is beneficial when signing the deal, whether for selling purposes or buying.

The reports are all-inclusive and cover every aspect of the property from corner to corner. So, contact us today and book quality inspections from InspecUs now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The inspection is to know precisely the thing you're purchasing and uncover any possible issues with the property. The home inspector will do a visual examination of the whole home including the rooftop, outside, establishment, appliances, heater and more.

Home inspections are not done to pass or fail a property but to provide a clear picture of the house. Its an unbiased report of the condition of the house.

The major red flags that may arise during a home inspection are related to the issues of plumbing, electrical, flooring, mold infestation, and HVAC which should be solved before you make any home purchase.

License & Certifications
License & Certifications
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Homebuyers should learn home inspection tips as they consider making a large financial investment.

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We are licensed by the Licensed Professional and certified through InterNACHI

Covid-19 protocols

Aside from our normal standards of practice, ABC Home Inspection is Certified in best practices as developed by Internachi. We maintain 6ft distancing and PPE during all inspections.

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